‘Pickled Love’ provides a platform for creative expression and community engagement.

By hosting these events we hope to reignite the community’s engagement with local artists and designers from a wide range

of faculties.

Our support and promotion of these artists will be at the forefront of the work we do. We believe this is particularly important during a global pandemic. Before and after the event, we will be creating monthly newsletters, diligently updated website,

and engaging social media content to promote the artists.

Additionally, ‘Pickled Love’ will be running a “sub-merchandise” brand which will run alongside the events. This will comprise

of our own merchandise, themed on the current month’s artists.


This will not only encourage our own creative intervention and production but will help us source local manufacturers whilst also funding future endeavours.  Consequently, we are engaging with all stages of the creative production process.

We also value education and hope to host guest speakers who are professionals in their respective industries. The speakers and the content of their presentations will be included in our monthly magazine.

Meet The Team


Emma Herbert-Smith


Georgia Mactaggart


Henry Boydell