Tell us about yourself, where you’re from, your age etc: 

I’m twenty-three years old and Sydney based (I lived in Canberra for the past three years completing a Bachelor of Visual Art.)

What is your artistic process?:

My artistic process usually begins with a regrettable late afternoon coffee, which sends me into a restless night of thinking. This is often when I find myself exploring creative ideas and coming up with artworks to explore these thoughts (which during the day are usually drowned out by admin lists etc). Come morning most ideas have been forgotten but the ones that stick around I make sure to start bringing to life and get hands-on with their creation. They end up evolving in new ways but I use the initial grand idea, from a moment of delirious excitement, as a point of reference and inspiration.


How does your work reference ‘Street’:

I am really interested in ‘street’ as a transitory place where peoples lives cross and collide for brief moments, often without even a look of acknowledgement but a subconscious feeling of connectivity. I have always been interested in the disconnect between people’s exteriors and the rich layers of them which are hidden beneath. So for me ’Street’ is an interesting place where we place importance on how we will be perceived by strangers and we can play with the idea of who we want to portray.


What medium(s) do you use?:

I majored in Photo media at art school and i’m currently working in film production however my medium of choice is constantly changing depending on what I’m trying to express. I just recently got back into oil painting as I love the meditative experience of painting and I’m also working on a light installation made of hundreds of recycled glass bottles, for a music festival.

How did you start/ Who inspires you and your work?:

Films have always been a huge creative influence for me and this led me to my initial exploration of photography as a means of capturing scenes I set up. Some favourite directors include Terrance Mallik, Lars Von Trier and Baz Luhrmann. I love the work of artists Pipilotti Rist, Gregory Crewdson and Cindy Sherman. 


Where can we find your work? Social Media/Website?:

@ rosieimorgan



What do you plan to do in the future?

Having just finished uni i’ve been asked this question hundreds of times and my answer keeps changing and moving in different directions. My current goal is to stay creative, productive and busy bringing ideas into fruition and applying myself in new ways.