Tell us about yourself, where you’re from, your age etc: 

My name is Nicholas Macris, I am originally from the Northern Rivers NSW and I have just turned 27

I run a clothing brand as well as being a photographer and digital artist.

I also run a clothing and printing buisness @ Descryprintstudio


What is your artistic process?:

I don't have a 'process'. for me, the best way for me to get ideas is to distract my mind completely it's usually then my best ideas then I will usually go to my studio and hop on the computer or sketch pads to bring an idea or concept to life.


How does your work reference ‘Street’:

I guess if my work referenced 'street' it would be because most of my work is based around streetwear and street culture.


What medium(s) do you use?:

My main medium is clothing and a computer screen


How did you start/ Who inspires you and your work?:

I started my clothing brand around 2 years ago after being involved in streetwear and clothing for a few years previously.

Alot of old musicians inspire me like the Misfits aswell as alot of vintage horror and punk


Where can we find your work? Social Media/Website?:

personal/work IG is @ loveandfiendship 

Clothing IG is @ sweetdreamsbitterreality 

website - www.sweetdreamsbitterreality.com


What do you plan to do in the future?

To continute working for myself and expanding all aspects of my business's with the goal of having my own store/production space