Tell us about yourself, where you’re from, your age etc: 

I’m Isaac Elias, 23 years old and grew up in Sydney’s Bronte Beach. I love all art but I have a passion for tattoos, the imagery they portray, the history of what they’re about and the stories passed down the years.

What is your artistic process?:

Look at the coolest design I can see from images in history and put my spin on it. 

How does your work reference ‘Street’:

Seen on people in all walks of life, tattoos has come to be apart of street culture for generations now. However it’s not all street, in different cultures it is looked down upon by the general population so they’re considered underground.

What medium(s) do you use?:

Hard to say

How did you start/ Who inspires you and your work?:

I draw inspiration from an abundance of people dead and alive. My main influences include Stoney St Clair for his passion, John ‘Johnny Dollar’ Entwistle for his character, designs and drive, Mike ‘Rollo’ Malone, Bob Woods and Fergus Simms for their style and knowledge. Too many more, you’d get bored reading this.

Where can we find your work? Social Media/Website?:

On my Instagram (@boogiewithsatan) you can find some of the things I enjoy to do.


What do you plan to do in the future?

Hope to get a tattoo apprenticeship so I can lace people that have as much love for the designs and tattoo world as me.